Fees & Billing

We have a booking system which will minimise waiting times. We need your help to ensure its success.

To avoid delaying other patients we ask that you request longer consultations for procedures, women’s checks or should you feel you need longer with the doctor.

If you are unsure if you need a longer appointment please ask our friendly reception staff.

Emergencies are always given priority and our staff will attempt to contact you or inform you on your arrival if there is an unforeseen delay or if your GP has been called away.

From time to time our doctors may run late, being late can be stressful for patients and staff. One reason we may run late is that our consultations run over time, we kindly ask that when booking your appointments you inform our reception staff if you require a longer appointment.

For a full list of private fees please ask our friendly staff.

Did you know? Just four minutes extra per consultation can cause the doctor to run 1 hour late at the end of a session.


We accept Cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments, and we are able to transfer your receipt electronically to Medicare so that you receive your rebate directly back into your bank account. Please ask our staff for more information on this. In some consultations, there may be additional fees for procedures such as ECGs, respiratory function tests, implanon insertions/removals and surgical procedures.

Please ask our reception staff for the respective fees if needed.

Disclaimer – We try and keep these fee tables up to date but Medicare changes can occur that will cause differences in the fees that are listed here.


Standard Fee $65 Medicare Rebate $18.95  

Out of Pocket cost $46.05 

Pension/Concession $45.00 Medicare Rebate $18.95 Out of pocket cost $21.05 


Standard fee $90 Medicare Rebate $41.40  

Out of Pocket Cost $48.60 

Pension/Concession $75.00 Medicare Rebate $41.40 Out of Pocket Cost $33.60 


Standard Fee $155 Medicare Rebate $80.10 

Out of Pocket Cost $74.90 

Pension/Concession $125.00 Medicare Rebate $80.10 Out of Pocket Cost $44.90 


Standard Fee $240 Medicare Rebate $118 

 Out of Pocket Cost $122  

Pension/Concession $180 Medicare Rebate $118 Out of Pocket Cost $62 


Fee $175.00 Medicare Rebate $80.10 

Out of Pocket Cost: $94.90 


WorkCover consultations are charged at a higher rate but generally patients can claim a 100% rebate back from WorkCover.

Commercial Vehicle Examinations are charged at $88-$200 dependent on complexity and time and will include GST.

Insurance and legal medical examinations and reports are charged at various rates and will also include GST.


The following appointments types are bulk billed by all our doctors with no cost to the patient:

    • Veteran Affairs Patients
    • North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health CURRENT Card Holders 
    • Children under 16
    • Pap Smears
    • All Excisions- however we do charge a fee for booking and use of our equipment. Please ask Reception about this fee, please note this fee has no Medicare rebate.
    • Occasionally, there may be some other appointment types that may be bulk billed but this is at the discretion of the practice and only apply to certain circumstances.
  • We require 24 hours notice for cancellations for appointments. Failure to give adequate notice will result in a fee of $50.00 to be paid, before another appointment can be made.